King’s Lodge supports people to develop and build life skills with a view towards preparing them for living independently in the future. We offer flexible, dependable care arrangements that will be tailored to meet individual needs.

Service users are supported to manage their own tenancy at King’s Lodge although there are staff on hand in response to care arrangements to provide support with the activities of independent living. This includes support with shopping, meal preparation, personal care, budgeting and managing finances, leisure activities, holiday arrangements/social, household chores, managing medication, developing and maintaining relationships, etc.

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Support provided at King’s Lodge is based around the identification of outcomes. Outcomes are the goals devised and planned with people i.e. what they wish to achieve. From this, individual outcome focussed support plans are developed and progress is monitored continually.

Equality and inclusion underpin all aspects of our service provision and our team are experienced in supporting people from a rage of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. We have experience of meeting specific needs around disability, sexual orientation and gender-specific needs.